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Football betting advice – How to improve your betting

With the popularity and ease of football betting on the rise, there is an unprecedented number of ways to bet on football. New markets appear at a frightening pace, from individual player tackles, to whether there will be an own goal or a red card. Everyone is searching for their edge on the market and how to bet profitably. But in the current era where the landscape is more crowded than ever with markets, bookmakers and exchanges, how can this be done? … Read More

Reviewing the race for the League Two automatic places

In the battle to gain one of the coveted three automatic promotion from the fourth tier of English Football, four teams have slightly distanced themselves from the chasing pack. An additional number of clubs are in contention, all within 5 points of the automatic promotion places. EFS has analysed all teams involved to see who is likely to be promoted, and who is in the play-off lottery come the end of May. … Read More

Second Tier Troubles – the battle to stay in the Championship

Currently, with half the season gone, there are four teams cut off from the rest of the division. These four teams will be analysed to see how they are expected to perform over the upcoming weeks and their hopes for the rest of the season. The teams hovering above the relegation zone will also be reviewed, to see how likely it is that they get pulled into a relegation fight … Read More

Welcome to EFS

Welcome to Edge Football Stats. This blog post is the first from the founders of Edge Football Stats.

This first post will cover the goals of the app design, an overview of the key features and why it could lead to significant changes in your betting success. … Read More