Welcome to EFS

Welcome to Edge Football Stats. This blog post is the first from the founders of Edge Football Stats.

This blog will cover a range of issues surrounding the game; there will be posts covering:

  • how to get the most out of the app, 
  • the upcoming week’s fixtures and reviewing the previous week’s results, 
  • betting techniques and how to improve, and 
  • the many other issues and topics surrounding football as and when they arise.

This first post will cover the goals of the app design, an overview of the key features and why it could lead to significant changes in your betting success.

Finding value

The app was born out of the frustration of finding the essential data that is needed to help make a successful bet. Information on home and away form for a specific period, or league average stats to compare data to, is very tricky to find. Acquiring information markets outside of the final result (such as BTTS) in a suitable format is impossible. The difficulty level of finding this information is compounded for the user when only looking at a mobile or on mobile applications. 

As a result, finding undervalued teams in the market is very tricky when bettors don’t have access to the information that the bookmakers use to assist them in setting prices. The purpose of this app is to help balance this and help bettors make more informed decisions.

Bettors typically bet on the favourites, or larger clubs with a strong reputation, regardless of the quality of either team. This strategy is not suitable for the bettors that want to increase their chances of making money. This look will help them to spot the matches and bets where the likelihood of a bet being successful is higher than the chance indicated by the price. 

Edge Football Stats

The app has been designed to be clear, uncluttered and user-friendly. This layout allows for accumulators to be built and bets to be placed based on substance, rather than a hunch or a gut feeling which would invariably favour the bookmaker.

EFS has many vital stats that are very difficult to find on the web or mobile. As mentioned above, these include the ability to personalise stats, view league average stats and see stats for markets outside the final result. There is a wealth of other information inside the app, which we will detail in future blog posts. 

The app is fully customisable for dates; any specific period can be selected, which will filter the stats. This filter allows each user to create their private view of the stats to find their personal edge on the market. This data can be used to select home or away stats only, which could show a team with drastic home and away splits. Additionally, this filter can be used to view the recent form, which is far more likely to be indicative of short term performance than full-season stats. 

The league average stats gives a team’s comparison against the league average. A specific team may have 3.1 goals per game in their matches on average. The average bettor is not likely to know whether this above or below average when compared to other clubs. If the average for the division is 2.7; showing this hypothetical team is above average. This information can influence whether the user places a bet on a particular team, especially with the popularity of personalised bets in the modern-day. 

The app can also show stats outside of the key markets. Team and match corner stats are included, as well as card stats, team and match goals stats (including the ever-popular BTTS) and result and BTTS. These are markets that are growing in popularity and form a vital feature of the app.


Ultimately, the app is not a tipping platform; it does not have access to a magic crystal ball. Even the most perfect bet on paper can fall to a rotten piece of luck; this is the unpredictability that makes football the beautiful game that it is. However, by helping bettors make more informed choices, the chances of making consistent longer-term profits and weekly accumulator landing are both far more likely to occur.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices; please download today! If you would like more information, please see the other blog posts in this section, or browse our website at www.edgefootballstats.com. If you have any feedback, suggestions or any other questions, please feel free to email the team on [email protected], and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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