Football betting advice – How to improve your betting

With the popularity and ease of football betting on the rise, there is an unprecedented number of ways to bet on football. New markets appear at a frightening pace, from individual player tackles, to whether there will be an own goal or a red card. Everyone is searching for their edge on the market, how to bet profitably and good football betting advice. But in the current era where the landscape is more crowded than ever with markets, bookmakers and exchanges, how can this be done?

While there are endless betting strategies, tipsters and betting styles for the sports bettor to sift through, there are two main types of bettor. These are the recreational bettor and professional bettor. It is easy for recreational bettors to learn new skills and understand the benefits and drawbacks of different types of betting. These skills will aid their chances of winning without dedicating their whole life to it.

The main difference between the two types of bettor is solely down to consistently finding value in their bets. Each priced bet has an inherent likelihood of happening. Backing a team who have a price of evens (1/1 or 2.0), without taking into account a bookmakers margin, has an implied 50% chance of winning. A 4.0 bet (3/1), has an implied 25% chance of winning.

Football betting advice – becoming a successful bettor

To become a successful long term bettor, you have to find bets where the actual likelihood of a team winning is higher than the odds. This skill is finding your edge on the market. There are no certainties in gambling; everyone can remember a match where the dominant team created and missed numerous chances, and lost to a deflected, long-range strike. 

Football stadium - football betting advice
Football betting advice – finding your edge

Such variances in luck can impact short term results. However, if you are consistently finding matches where the likelihood of a team winning is higher than the implied odds, then these variances will even out. The value made in the bets will generate profits.

Recreational bettor

A recreational bettor is someone who does little research before placing a bet. They’ll typically wake up on a Saturday morning, read a few tweets and pick the double-digit number of usual favourites on an accumulator. This type of bettor is the opposite of well-researched and calculated. In all likelihood, will lose money over the long term.

Quite often, the recreational bettor will pick teams based on reputation and the size of the club, or their personal history on betting on or against a particular club, rather than the likelihood of a team winning that specific match. 

Bookmakers target recreational bettors in their marketing to bet with them. While some recreational bettors will occasionally win, as a group, the bookmakers will be guaranteed profit as these bettors are not finding value in their bets.

Professional bettors

These are the bettors who are betting for the sole purpose of winning bets. They will make money over the long term. They will look at the two teams objectively and research the match-up and statistics. This allows them to find their edge on the bookmakers.

They’ll look at current form, both home and away and the quality of the teams that they have played in, alongside recent results, injuries and players unavailable. Then they’ll make their decision and back the teams who they think will win, not who they want to win. Football betting for them is about making a profit and not letting their emotions blind them.

These are the savvy bettors who are finding high-value bets and sticking to their plans and strategies. These have followed good football betting advice, and do not overreact to short term fluctuations in luck. As a result, they have a much higher chance of making a consistent profit over the long term.

Edge Football Stats

Edge Football Stats was born with the belief that the information needed for effective betting is impossible to acquire. To get the critical stats required for a bet would take hours of tedious research. Quite often, it was not available at all. This difficulty is not accidental; if bookmakers are not providing the necessary stats, it reduces the likelihood of the bettors finding value in the prices.

Edge Football Stats provides an unprecedented wealth of stats that is not freely available either on a tablet or mobile. The design of the app has both professional bettors and recreational bettors in mind. Anyone who is looking to improve their chances of success, as it mirrors the critical betting markets. It also features stats for the full-time result, both teams to score (BTTS), team and match goals, cards and corners. This allows the user to find their edge on the market. The app is fully customisable on dates, which enables people to see the recent results of teams. These stats will show a far stronger indicator of a team’s upcoming performance, than a full season’s average. 

The app is also capable of splitting stats between home and away form. This split is a crucial difference in assessing a teams performance. This is due to the increasing difference in the way teams set up and play, between home and away matches. This split naturally leads to the same team having considerably different stats between home and away matches. As a result, that can get masked when reviewing a team’s overall stats.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices; download today to find your edge! If you have any feedback, suggestions or any other questions, please feel free to email the team on [email protected], and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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