The Edge Football Stats App

The Edge Football Stats App

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Welcome to Edge Football Stats, a unique app providing detailed and customisable stats to football fans and bettors.

As football data becomes more sophisticated over time, it remains largely out of the reach of the football fans and supporters, who are the lifeblood of the modern game. The Edge Football Stats app was designed and developed to show this information in a clear and uncluttered format, but with the ability for users to find their own personal insights.

Tackling the modern day challenges

EFS was born with the belief that the information needed for effective betting is time-consuming to acquire. To get the vital stats required for a bet would take hours of tedious research, if it was possible at all. Placing bets while armed with this critical information would increase the chances of success significantly. 

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Edge Football Stats was created out of the frustration of finding the essential data that is needed to help make a successful bet. Information on home and away form for a specific period, or league average stats to compare data to, is very tricky to find. Acquiring information markets outside of the final result in a suitable format is impossible. The difficulty level of finding this information only increases for the user when looking on mobile devices.

Details that give an insight into how a team performs beyond the final score are crucial in assessing a team’s performance, rather than simply taking the final result at face value. All football supporters will know of a match where the better team drew or lost – it is the nature of the game.

EFS provides an app with an unprecedented wealth of stats that is not available elsewhere. The app features a wealth of stats, including previous results, and league trends for each division. All stats can be analysed for a set period or a specific number of matches, and filtered for home or away results.

Improving your betting

EFS has many vital stats that are not available on the web or mobile. The app is designed to be clear, uncluttered and user-friendly.

The app has been designed with the bettor in mind as it mirrors the key betting markets, featuring the full time result, both teams to score (BTTS), goals, cards and corners. This has been designed to allow the user to find their edge on the market.

The Edge Football Stats app is fully customisable on dates, which allows people to see the recent results of teams. This is a far stronger indicator of how a team is likely to perform in the next match, than a full season’s average.

The app is also capable of splitting stats between home and away form. This is a key difference in assessing a teams performance as increasingly teams are changing the way they set up and play between home and away matches. This naturally leads to the same team have considerably different stats that can get masked when reviewing a team’s overall stats.

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