A new EFS app update, coming soon

A quick blog post to inform our followers and users on some exciting new features, available in the EFS app update in October 2020.

We have taken the downtime during the pandemic to design some new updates to the app. This is currently in production, with an expected release date at the end of October. This update is going to include: 

  • An additional 10 leagues, bringing the total to 22 across 5 continents
  • 5 historical seasons worth of data
  • Likelihood and predictions of key betting markets occurring
  • Value bets on the match result
  • An easier look at the strength of schedule on the list of results
  • More detailed team and league stats

We have had many messages informing us that they can’t find the app on the Google Play Store. This is because the app is currently not available whilst we prepare the large update. When the update is complete, the app will be restored. Despite this, the app remains unaffected on the App Store, and is available to download today on this link

We are also delighted to announce that the updated app will be available worldwide, rather than restricted to the UK. We have had significant global interest, so bringing the app to a wider audience was an important priority.

For those new to Edge Football Stats, feel free to browse the website to get a feel for what the benefits are. The EFS app page has a wealth of information on the initial features of the app, what problems the app solves and what the benefits are to the end-user.

We are looking forward to bringing the EFS app update to you, as I am sure you are looking forward to downloading it and finding your own edge on the market

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